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Leap into Giving

Leap Day, occurring just once every four years, offers us a unique opportunity to pause and reflect on how we can contribute to making a significant impact in our communities. It’s a day that stands out on the calendar, reminding us of the precious nature of time and the importance of using it wisely.

Our Leaping into Giving campaign is more than just a fundraiser; it’s a call to action for everyone who believes in the power of community and the importance of accessible healthcare. This Leap Day, let’s take a collective leap into action. Your support can create a ripple effect, leading to improved healthcare services and a healthier, stronger community. It’s an opportunity to show that we can make every moment matter—not just every four years but every single day.

So, celebrate Leap Day by taking a leap of kindness. Join us in our Leaping into Giving initiative and help Oneida Health achieve its mission. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of those around us. Let’s make this Leap Day—and every day—a chance to give back and support the health and well-being of our community.

About Us

Since 1971, the Oneida Health Foundation (OHF) has been supporting Oneida Health by providing funds to improve patient care and support the organization’s mission. A non-profit organization funded through private donations, OHF aims to develop comprehensive, integrated healthcare services for the community’s health and well-being.

About Us

A non-profit organization funded through private donations to support Oneida Health patients, staff, and the community.


Since 1971, the Oneida Health Foundation (OHF) has been providing funding for the enhancement of patient care at Oneida Health

How to Help

Your donations can help the Oneida Health Foundation mission by providing crucial funds for patient assistance, education, technology and more.


Our community partners make the difference by providing valuable resources and support that directly address the needs of our community members.

Your gift improves care & education for our community

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HANY’s Economic Report – Oneida Health – Fall 2022

State and Medical Funding from Medicare and Medicaid

Your donations go to support those in need – right in your own community.

How to Help

Donors can make a significant impact by contributing towards scholarships, medical technology, cancer care, and legacy giving, which can help improve the lives of individuals in our community.

Our Corporate Partners

Life Changing Gifts

If you are interested in making a life changing gift or naming rights, please schedule a meeting with the Foundation Director to discuss how you can make a difference in the community. Naming rights and estate planning needs can be discussed for a legacy of giving.